From the Zips' Family

ZIPS' is the original name of our family’s New York pizzerias on east 59th St. and Lexington Ave., and 23rd St. and Lexington Ave. as well as several other locations throughout Manhattan and Queens. When our family decided to move to beautiful Jupiter, Fl. we knew we had to move our favorite foods with us and from day one Jupiter has welcomed us with open arms. Moving forward we are making a progressive effort to be the best at what we do – serve you, our customer, the freshest, best pizza and Italian foods you’ve come to love. While we do have tried and true recipes we strictly adhere to we are always open to the input of you, our customer, as to anything we can improve on or items you’d like to see on our menu. Just let us know.   

In a world of the growing chain restaurants and streamlined cost-effective food preparation we at ZIPS' pride ourselves in our traditional ways which may cost us a bit more and take more time to prepare because we know that you know it’s the taste that matters most! We at ZIPS' promise to continue making all of our sauces, soups and pizza dough from scratch, on the premises, daily. We look forward to continue to serve Jupiter their favorite Italian Foods and of course, Pizza!